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?Mr. Victor Recinos Comptroller of Customs
The role in the Belize Customs and Excise Department is to acquire and implement an integrated list of policies and procedures that ensure increased safety and security, also as developing the necessary system to promote effective trade facilitation and revenue collection.
It is the check out of this customs administration that legitimate international trade is surely an essential driver for economic prosperity. We are fully aware from the importance of ultimately achieving a electronic customs whereby other automation and enhanced electronic activity would positively contribute to the improved coordination of our customs activities, and thus ultimately transform the way customs will operate.
The new challenges with the 21st Century demand a new concept of customs to customs cooperation, real time collaboration relating to customs administration, and also involving customs as well as the trading community in facilitating legitimate trade. We are all of your belief that the panacea to realize this concept by the world wide customs fraternity is the generation of an international “e-customs” community that will ensure seamless, real-time and paperless flow of detail and connectivity.
This administration hereby pledge their commitment to our most valuable resource, our officers whom we will ensure have every opportunity to be a part of our continuous capacity producing, in an attempt to enhance their competence, so that they may possess the ability to positively impact and transform the customs landscape.
We also commit as an organization to keep on our quest to identify further strategies to improve professionalism, technical aptitude, responsiveness, along with a higher working relationship with the trading community additionally, the public.
The Belize Customs & Excise Department will keep going to ensure its key role in realizing the organization’s vision, to be recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in customs administration and program, in addition as meeting the needs of customs and then the international trading community.
Customs takes ASYCUDAWorld Nationwide
With the inclusion of Belize Western Border Station in Benque Viejo and therefore the Belize Northern Border Station in Santa Elena, Corozal in July and August of 2012, the Comptroller of Customs has sanctioned ASYCIUDAWorld throughout Belize's Customs territory. The clearance of cargo is being facilitated through ASYCUDAWorld by any means designated ports of entry. Select banks have increased efficiency for payment of duties and duty payments may be effected at any bank branch nationally for declarations being imported through any Customs Station. Other procedures remain to be finalized along with the final efforts are underway to ensure their completion.
ASYCUDAWorld To Takes Flight at Phillip Goldson International Airport
The Customs Department ASYCUDAWorld Undertaking Team has started function to streamline Passenger Baggage processing through ASYCUDAWorld on the Phillip Goldson International Airport at the same time as Passenger Control at both of those Benque Viejo and Santa Elena Border Stations. The new enhancement will include Passenger Customs Declarations in the process as duty payments at these stations' Customs Cashier.
ASYCUDAWorld Extends to Link Multipe Government Departments
The Comptroller of Customs has endorsed the inclusion of other relevant Government Departments this sort of as General Sales Tax Department and also the Government Treasury to to be linked to and obtain ASYCUDAWorld. The new enhancement ushers inside a new and efficient method of information sharing among Government Departments that delivers answers and statistics in real-time.
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